Seeking New Replacement Windows in St. Augustine?

St Augustine Replacement Windows & DoorsDoes your St. Augustine require new windows? Do your windows look so aged that they are fogging from the inside? If they are, it’s time that you call the experts from Benton Integrity Replacement Windows & Doors. We replace windows with top-of-the-line ones. You can’t beat our selection of Pella widows.

Replacing the windows is a difficult decision to make because of the added expense. But think of it like this, a new window will actually help lower your energy bills by at least 20% more per year. Spending less on energy bills per year means spending more on quality windows.

Your windows are built to maintain your home and to protect it from the harsh elements of nature. They keep the cold out during the winter and heat in the summer. But, when they can no longer provide you with warmth, they need to be replaced.

Saving the environment is a big thing these days. More homes are going “green” while more homeowners are taking risks by upgrading their windows in hopes that they will save more money. Energy efficient widows cause us to use less natural gas.

St. Augustine Replacement Windows

An inefficient windows leak. A leaking window allows water to be invited into the home. This can occur both in front of the wall and behind as well. Mold can grow from water that sits too long. Mold is a dangerous bi-product of moisture.

Dangers of mold:

  • Causes health problems
  • Lowers the resell value of the home
  • Needs professionally removed

Replacement windows can solve all your mold problems or prevent it from even happening. Mold is dangerous and should be taken seriously. If you have older, leaking windows then upgrade them with a Pella widow and stop mold growth.

St. Augustine Vinyl Windows

Planning on buying new widows but can’t decide on which material to go with? Well vinyl is one of the most popular sellers. Vinyl windows offer a lot as far as efficiency goes. With vinyl, there is no finishing required.

Whenever a wood window is installed, that’s just the start as you’ll need to have them painted or stained. Also with wood, you’re going to have more problems with them over time as moisture is a problem with them.

Vinyl windows have all of the trim work built in. Once they are installed; you enjoy them. The lack of finishing means that the windows are sealed much better and offer energy savings. Pella vinyl windows are great for all types of homes in Florida.

For more information on Pella replacement windows, call Benton Integrity Replacement Windows & Doors and let our expert panel of reps take care of your needs. We offer incredible deals on fantastic windows.



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