Why Pella® Windows Are A Smart Choice

Why Pella® Windows Are A Smart Choice

It always pays to ensure you are choosing strong, durable, and energy efficient replacement windows. Blocking a good portion of the Florida heat and moisture with energy efficient replacement windows is important. It’s a great way to stay happy with the energy bill and comfortable in your home.

Benton Integrity Replacement Windows & Doors is a Pella® windows certified contractor. Our professionals have been helping homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes since 2006. If you are looking for a Jacksonville replacement windows contractor, let us meet with you to show you why these products are so superior.

We choose to work with Pella® windows and doors because of the durable construction of the products. Pella® replacement windows are quality made with integrated technologies that make them strong, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and easy to use. The energy efficiency of their replacement windows is quite remarkable. Ask us about Pella’s low-e insulating glass with Argon2.

You’ll have a lot of choices in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl replacement windows that are perfectly suited for our climate. There are several styles to choose from within each type. Here is a little information about the products available within each window type.

Wood Windows by Pella®

Pella® wood windows are aluminum clad for extra strength and energy efficiency. The wood is reinforced with the aluminum and is then protected by an exclusive finish. The finish locks in the beauty of the wood and helps it to resist drying and warping. Pella® replacement windows come in custom shapes, grille patterns, sizes, and colors. Some include fine-furniture detailing.

You can choose from 8 beautiful natural wood types in their wood window line. The Designer Series® can be installed with snap-in shades, blinds, and grilles that are fitted in between the glass panes. This is exceptionally convenient because this construction helps the window treatments to stay in great condition and there will be no need to clean them.

The Architect Series® is available in the Low-E triple-pane glass option.

Within the aluminum-clad wood window line, you will find these series:

  • Architect Series®
  • Designer Series®
  • Pella® 450 Series

Fiberglass Replacement Windows by Pella®

Pella’s fiberglass replacement windows are highly durable, exceptionally energy efficient, and beautiful. The fiberglass frame is constructed with a hollow space that is filled with insulation. This is one of the most energy efficient windows you can find on the market. In fact, this window can withstand high heat and subzero cold.

Fiberglass is also paintable, so you can paint them to match your exterior or whatever color you choose.

  • Pella® Impervia®

Vinyl Replacement Windows by Pella®

There are several vinyl replacement windows by Pella® to choose from. All are made with quality construction for beauty, strength, durability, and easy maintenance. Within the beautiful vinyl frame styles available, you can choose triple-pane glass for extreme energy efficiency. The Encompass series offers exceptional energy efficiency. You will also have options to place blinds or shades between the glass which can be controlled with a hand-held remote.

  • Pella® 350 Series
  • Pella® 250 Series
  • Encompass by Pella®

Pella® Smart Technologies For Easy Management

There’s no shortage of options for smart windows and doors with Pella®. You can have technologies installed which allow you to secure your home with window and door sensors. The security sensors are built into the windows, so they are out of sight for security and to preserve the beauty of the windows and doors. The sensors are installed during manufacturing.

The motorized blinds and shades are operated with a single channel remote control. The blinds and shades are inserted between the glass during manufacturing. You can control them just as you would any other window treatment, raising and lowering or tilting to adjust for privacy and light filtering.

If you would like more information about Pella® Windows in Jacksonville, FL, please call Benton Integrity Replacement Windows & Doors at 904-428-1311 or complete our online request form.