fiberglass-windows-jacksonvilleFiberglass windows in Jacksonville have been around for some time now. They are known to be high performance windows that are low in maintenance and are manufactured to take the place of wood.

They have an excellent record for durability. Fiberglass is strong, which allows the hollow parts to be made without stiffeners that are required for vinyl windows. Manufacturers can produce higher efficiency windows by filling the hollow spaces in with insulation.

Fiberglass is also paint-able, so you can paint them to match your exterior or whatever color you choose. With fiberglass, the material won’t deteriorate once the paint is worn away like wood windows would.

If you have old, decrepit windows, consider replacing them with new fiberglass windows. Our Jacksonville Window Replacement can give you many reasons to have your windows replaced including:

  • Lowering your energy bill
  • Ensuring the hot sun or freezing wind isn’t creeping in through your windows
  • Providing good visibility for you to see outside
  • Minimizing UV damage to your home’s indoor furnishings, etc.
  • Improving your ability to ventilate your home
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Adds to the beauty and appeal of your home
  • Decreases your maintenance costs

Asking yourself what you wish to or need to accomplish with your home will give you an idea of what type and style of window you want to use to replace your old ones. Depending on what features are most important to you, you will likely choose between vinyl, real wood, or fiberglass windows.

When market studies were done, it was found that fiberglass has been steadily becoming more popular for window replacements. Traditionally, they were only regarded as a niche product with around 2% of the total window sales in the U.S.*

People are choosing fiberglass because they want a product with durability that lasts. More manufacturers are producing fiberglass windows in the recent past. Companies offering wood, vinyl, and fiberglass see much more interest in fiberglass.

Because the windows are composed of all glass, they do not suffer expansion and contraction with the temperature changes. This is a huge advantage for homeowners as they in effect form a complete seal from weather conditions. In fact, the seals in fiberglass rarely fail.

If you are interested in quality fiberglass windows, take a look at our services. Benton Integrity Replacement Windows & Doors installs and replaces old windows with new fiberglass windows.

We offer residential and commercial services such as remodeling and new construction as well. We are a Pella certified contractor & our staff is composed of bonded and insured professionals who are trained to be diligent and attentive to every detail of your project.

We don’t just stop at windows, we also do door replacements and remodeling in residential settings. Call and protect your business and family with new, high efficiency, quality fiberglass windows.

*Sources: https://www.remodeling.hw.net/products/windows/why-fiberglass-windows-are-gaining-popularity

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