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Amelia Island Replacement Windows & DoorsAmelia Island is the perfect place to buy a home as the climate is always just right. It is located in Nassau County sitting along the coast. The town is named after Princess Amelia who was the daughter of George II of Great Britain. If you love history then you’re going to love the local talents of Benton Integrity Replacement Windows & Doors.

You’ll get a lesson in history whenever you have services done through us. We offer door replacements for residential customers. You might not be thinking too much about your door, but if it may be costing you more money than you think.

A new door will pay for itself over time. Think of all the excessive spending you’re doing right now on energy costs. Using too much energy means that there is a draft coming through. A majority of energy goes out windows and doors.

We can replace all types of doors from entry way to back doors. We offer a wide range of products that are of quality and affordable. You’ll find that the integrity of our sales staff has what it takes in order to meet your needs.


Amelia Island Replacement Windows

Do you hate the fact that when sitting in your living room you can hear everything still going on outside? That may mean your widows are getting older and do not offer the same amount of soundproofing that they once did.

Soundproof widows eliminate:

  • Barking dogs
  • Loud/obnoxious neighbors
  • Noise reduction

Replacement windows from Pella can completely reduce those problems offing you peace and quiet in the home. Noise reduction is often the most drastic difference whenever replacing the widows with thicker glass.


Amelia Island Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are highly sought after widows. There is a lot of reasons for this. It’s because vinyl does not crack or peel like some window types do. Vinyl also already comes painted so there is less maintenance that needs to go into them.

Newer windows are easy to keep clean. Sure they need sprayed down once a week but that’s relatively simple maintenance unless they are in high, dangerous areas. But vinyl can last forever if its properly maintained.

Don’t take your chances on other types of widow materials. Vinyl is a sure-fire way to do less maintenance while delivering warmth and beauty in the home. Make your home more valuable with Pella vinyl windows.

Treat yourself this year to replacement windows. You’ll quickly notice the difference between them and the ones you had on the home prior. New windows add to the natural beauty of any home.


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